Feeling Mpowered build.(Updated with photos)

Rebuilt my main computer last night pix and specs tonight 🙂

System is
Intel i7 4770K
X61 NZXT Cooler
MSI Mpower Motherboard
Corsair 16GB DDR3 2400
Bitfenix Ronin case
Asus 290X 4GB CUII
Gigabyte AC/BT4 PCIE Wireless card
Dell 1440P over priced LCD haha
Lots of HDD's
WD Black 1TB 7200rpm Recording drive
Seagate 2TB Testing tools drive
BX100 Crucial 1TB OS and games
Kingston 128GB M.2 testing drive

Blue Mic Yeti
(Warning… I get a lot of free headsets)
Asus Orion Pro headset and Spitfire headset amp
Bitfenix Flo headset
Corsair 1500 usb headset
MadCatz freq 3 headset

Mouse- R.A.T 5 I love this mouse
People are going to hate this one - Keyboard - TT Challenger Pro(POS will not die)
no speakers as I have kids
Webcam is a Logitech 930e
Lots of fans 
Think that's it 🙂

Now finished product computer porn

I presume you are talking about an MSI motherboard, but I want to make a joke about a pilates themed mod. 😛
Unless you bought a BMW M-series, and love it so much you have decided to live in it after installing a carputer!

Ha that's awesome and yah msi mpower.

simple and clean. I like it.. nice specs


simple and clean. I like it.. nice specs

Thanks, think the case will be temp, been using it for some time, though I like it the spacing is not enough for my testing rig, think I need to move to a massive corsair tower or indesk tower

When the reload started I had 2L's of Icetea now I have none

Played Hearthstone the whole setup process.

First day playing it was today and now I am addicted haha

PS I know I am an asshole and my desk is slowly taking over where my wifes is haha

Thus far the board has been the absolute powerhouse this rig has needed. before this I was running the G1 sniper z87 and it just could not run a good overclock or stock voltages without issues, I had to bump all the voltages up to get it to run stable.

With the Mpower even at stock its a dream, more features and power than you could ever want.

More updates as this project continues

Nice setup, looks great.