AMD Zen Quad Core Block Diagram Released(Source:

AMD's Zen CPU cores are rumored to be coming in 2016 on Global Foundries' 14nm FinFET process and from the CPU block design we see below AMD will be focusing on Zen's per core CPU performance, rather than focusing on delivering more, but limited, CPU cores.

Rather than iterating on the AMD Bulldozer CMT design, AMD has returned to a single fetch, single decode design. This means that AMD is focusing on a single more powerful CPU in it's CPU block rather than 2 weaker CPU parts that share resources. As we can see below AMD will be widening the Integer Pipeline of Zen by 50% compared to excavator and will be replacing the dual 128-bit Floating point schedulers with dual 256-bit schedulers, which together should allow AMD's new cores to have dramatically better integer and floating point performance per CPU core, especially as the CPU's Floating point units no longer feed two CPU cores.

AMD's Zen CPU cores will be available as a single Quad core unit, which can be combined to create larger CPUs, 2 Quad Core units make and 8 core, 4 CPU Units make a 16 core, etc, etc. Multiple Quad Core CPU units will be connected together via high speed interconnects. Doing this will allow AMD to more easily scale the Zen Architecture from High performance, high core count application like servers to more consumer and lower power applications.

This will not stop AMD from creating Dual core CPUs or other CPU corecounts as AMD can disable any of the 4 cores in a Zen Quad core unit, similar to how Intel Disables cores in certain CPUs  or the components required for Hyper-Threading in their i5's.

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As soon as the first reviews of fx CPUs came out I thought it wasn't going to be competitive…I had wished they they just die shrank and further optimized CPUs like the 1090t. Unfortunately they did not and I was forced out of my amd platform. I sure hope zen is a rabbit in a hat. Time will tell.

Not enlarging the number of cores and shrinking the die of the highly successful Phenom II architecture was a costly mistake for AMD, that, as we can see takes years to repair and got them in red. Only the GPU business keeps them afloat. However Intel has awaken also, and we hear that Skylake is going to be for Haswell what Conroe was for Netburst, so a leap in efficiency. We expect the same thing from AMD!

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