Network Control & Firewall

What do you guys use at work / home for your network control / firewall etc? The only one I've ever played with was a server loaded with VMware running Untangle, seemed to be pretty easy to use. I'm thinking about doing the same kind of thing in one of our shops so they can at least look some things up online haha.

It has a better GUI but I believe pfSense has a wider database of users hence there's a higher possibility of you finding a question that you might have. Would definitely be a cheaper option that buying a cisco ASA for example [/color/

Cool thanks, I'll check it out!

If you really want exposure to something cool check out vSRX (virtual SRX firewall, Juniper product)..

Nobody uses ASA's for firewalls…and yes I'm aware of the posting date, just throwing this piece of information out there.