Today something came in the mail today :D

Was not the quality I would of liked but I'll shut up and post up some pics

First the empty wall in the office I record and game in

Somethings HAPPENING!!!!

A little more

Wait this is too Dark

Let there be light!!!

Close up

Yes the addiction is getting worse, but I think this will hold me over for now.

Looks good. But addiction will get worse..  ;D

Oh it will. To make things a little different the wall is coming down:P

Going to remove that wall so that I can put up my new poster of…

Cleared the motherboard wall down last night, anyone need about 30 motherboards?


I do 😉

Dont know how many if any work thought


Dont know how many if any work thought

Those are all dead MOB?

As far as I know they were my wall now they are 2 massive piles of boards

Hmm not sure if 30 mobos would have enough gold in them.  ::)

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