Which Ram

What do you guys think is better to use


Or do you have any other options

Specs of new system
MSI Z97 gaming 5 mobo
video card HIS iPower IceQ X² Turbo Boost Clock R9 280X 3GB 384-Bit
CPU not sure that's another choice I am stuck on  i5-4590 or i5-4460
SSD Kingston 256GB and 2 OCZ 128GB
PSU Thermaltake module 850W
Oh case is NZXT Source 530
Cooling is a CM Nepton 280L

Gaming, video editing, and normal use.

Thanks in advance

edited added case and cooling

The ripjaw z's are the best damn ram kits I have ever owned. Better timing to. Only issue is then you are maxed out in dimms  and cannot upgrade further. The 1-1-1 timing difference is not worth the lack of upgrade potential.

Is there a Z series with 2x4gb for similar prices.

The only issue with that last set of ram is….. some motherboards and 1.65v ram can sometimes not play nice with each other.  Its not a deal breaker, all you need do is stick in cheap 1.5v's and manually set the voltage to 1.65, drop the system and install the higher voltage ram.

The reason for this is motherboard mfg'ers sometimes are a little slow on updating the firmware for higher voltage ram and the board simply doesnt know what to do with the XMP profile...and some 1.65'ers simply dont work at 1.5v.  Its never stopped me from using them…just have a couple sticks of cheap ram on hand (I have a pile of cheap sticks just for such 'occasions').

And I agree on GSkill they are always on my short list - right along with Kingston and Corsair.

I would buy the ram Bond007 linked, but there blue. Trying to keep my new build to black or red for ram.
Since MSI Gaming 5 is black and red color scheme.

So Gak_45, I was wondering about the 1.65 over the 1.5, I always used 1.5 found they were better ram to play with when it came to OCing and no issues on the board.
I one set of 1.65 that I had seem to have issues and would fail. Now that was on my old 1156 system.
Not sure if they changed since then.

Found this set free shipping, but I get free shipping anyways.


Like the last set used it with my last AMD tech bench and it was super stable 🙂

The higher the factory 'guaranteed' over-clock the higher the voltage they set at the factory to ensure that all of a line can run at the rated speed.  When DDR3 first hit the scene the only chips that would over-clock a damn were E's…that could handle higher voltage and basically required it.  Now that DDR3 is a mature technology we see 1.5v'ers at 'over-clocked' speeds....and 1.65 is only for really higher over-clocks.  We are seeing the exact same cycle with DDR4 and I expect '4 to follow in '3s footsteps.

Unless I am building a true Epeen system for someone I use 1.5v DDR3 sticks when possible.  Not because the extra voltage means anything, not because of extra heat (also minor)...rather simply because I know I can plunk in 1.5v sticks in ANY mobo and have them work....and I know that if the customer upgrades the BIOS later and 1.65v issues are still not fixed...I wont be getting a call saying the system wont turn on. 😉

Personally I find performance differences to be rather small after 1600...and almost non-existant outside synth tests above 2133. Same with 9 vs 10 timings....too small to worry about.

Personally if I can find the room in my budget for 90 bucks for ram...I can find room for 130 and get 16GB. To me and my personal needs I find twice the ram has a bigger and noticeable impact in games and photoshop than pure speed.


BUT if all a system calls for is 8GB...get the cheaper GSkill you probably wont notice a performance dif between them all. BUT get two sticks not four....just in case you change your mind later on 16GB vs 8GB 😉

Your results can/will/may vary. 😉