EVGA 980 Hybrid

So EVGA just released a new 980.  The Hybrid.  What do you guys think about this dual approach?  I think its very interesting and as it overcomes classic air cooling limitations for the core, while also negating a large issue with 'factory' waterblocks (they sometimes suck at keeping the rest of the components happy).

Only issue I really see is SLI'ing them would be a bear!


Love the design just would love to see a quick disconnect on these coolers so you could swap them into an existing loop or add two together 🙂

Think it's a step in the right direction but it's already been done http://www.techpowerup.com/mobile/150702/pny-launches-geforce-liquid-cooled-graphics-cards.html

Pny even had a cpu gpu combo closed loop wish I could get a 980 ti with that same setup 🙂

If you have the funds and really want to push the limits (without a dedicated water setup), then go for it. Realistically I would stick on air just because of the added cost. Seems like it's well done though.

I like to see some test bench on that card..
Ask Evga to send you one Gak

The price is not to bad compared to some other GTX 980

Sure. I will drop them an email and see if they have any samples available. 🙂

Late to the party on this one, but I think its a good solution so long as you have the room in your case to fit the solution. Since many people are going AIO as well, you tend to run out of real estate quickly.

Otherwise, it is a step forward for sure in keeping cards cool.