Thought I would make a office before and after sticky so people could post how their offices have changed over time.


My wife stopped playing  games with me once I moved my desk around. Noticed she had zero space so today I fixed everything.



Sadly the best office we had was in our old house back in BC:

That's a much better use of space. Looks good.

success 😄

She even rage quit 😄 perfect gaming night

Plus many many beer and a full bottle of wine gone in one gaming session means a great gaming night

The pictures no longer show up for me?

Odd I will have to update this later 🙂

office build now starts with some MAJOR!!!! issues!!!

Did a little sorting to start using the office right away as I am so far behind

Monitors and basic short-term desk setup but there is a big big issue

Wait What? why are the monitors not on?
Well I will tell you why skippy… there is zero not 1 not 2 not 20 but ZERO!!! power outlets in my office, time to do this all right the first time and strip the room to the studs.

Going to get a buddy to come help do a sub breaker box and multiple outlets in the room. Also frame the door, put in the new door, install the insulation and then double up those drywall walls with green glue inbetween them 🙂

I will keep you all posted.

also is that door not sexy??? solid wood and glass to make a nice better soundproofing then those cheap cardboard doors most houses have

Big project. Good luck, and keep us posted!

Old office pictures are behind a paywall.


Big project. Good luck, and keep us posted!

Thanks will do. This project though frustrating will be worth it


Old office pictures are behind a paywall.

Yah photo bucket got bought out by EA:p

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