Im more a Saints Row rather than GTA gamer….but this is impressive. Some mad bastard just released a mod for GTAV that gives you a grappling hook attachment similar to Rico's from the Just Cause series.

Obviously its an early stage mod...but might just give even more hours of fun in that sandbox.

GTAV Mods - Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook – 04:26
— NexusAU

This is pretty awesome, the grappling hook and the Rico's hilarious banter was the best part's of Just cause 2. Something that adds hours of enjoyment as I highjack vehicles and surf on top of them even with the grappling hook. That and tethering a truck to an Apache helicopter and then using it to ram all the military vehicles chasing you on the roads with the truck is pretty awesome. I honestly can't wait for Just Cause 3, one of the few games I will likely pre-order the special edition due to the fact that I want the statue of Rico surfing on a jet.

Yup me too. I have HIGH hopes for JC3 and the return of rico.

Just hope it can live up to the hype, though to be honest I still go back and play JC2…so if its 'just' JC2 with better graphics and better car mechanics I will be "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!" Everything beyond that will be just a bonus.

Funny thing is this mod was front page reddit yesterday. the shit people did with it, is amazing 😄

I still play JC2 with mods, tethering vehicles to passenger jets is hilariously fun

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