Oel's late 90s gaming rig Build Log

Get out your time machines!
I suppose the idea here is to pretend that we are back in 1998… or more likely, on a budget in 1999.
A little fictional back story perhaps?
So this awesome computerdude(me) is feeling the pain with a 200MHz P1 or whatever it is and such. Time for an upgrade!
But on a mild budget.

The good news is that awesome-computer-dude was able to nab some parts real cheap off a few nutbars freaking out about the y2k bug, as they offloaded computers in favour of survival gear! 😄 a couple parts may be a little mis-matched but it is all good.

The general idea is to reuse the old case and another part here or there if possible.
Lets get started!
So first off… Out with the old and in with the ne.. err. old. 😛
Pretty sure I last used this to flash some PCI cards.

This is what I was thinking for the build.
Should probably find a fan for that heatsink because another one will not fit without a bunch of cutting to clear AGP, caps, and case: http://i.imgur.com/XTWA3ZJ.jpg

Random 3x 128MB 133MHz SDRAM
STB Voodoo2 8MB
Diamond Voodoo2 12MB
Random RTL8139D NIC
Random ISA sound card
HDD and ODD are undecided atm

Case has a Sidus Formula badge on the front, will picture the front panel in a later post.
Yes mismatched SLI setup there. Not a big deal with modded drivers or some soldering and donor card if I can find one.
Parts are subject to change of course, and tbh I do not remember if this P5A-B  works. We will find out later!
Not sure about any extreme case modifications yet, might not jive with the rest of the build.
Also need to dig up a fan for the case and find or make an SLI cable.

I probably could have drawn this out a bit longer, but it is not finalized or built yet so there is still time. 😛

Nice. Around the same era of the first PC (my family had some before, but not mine). I think my first build was '01.

This is how it sits tonight. I guess I should have painted the case or something. Oh well.
Really have to sort out a fan for the heatsink too. 😕

Late last night I tossed a fan in the case as well as a temporary one on the CPU heatsink.
Had to remove the NIC because it was not booting but I will try another PCI card before digging out an ISA one.

After removing the NIC it certainly did boot and Windows 98 is installed to a 4GB CF card. Will switch over to an 8GB one later I think.
Due to not having ethernet I copied some stuff to the P5A-B over serial and the Voodoo2 SLI setup appears to work after making a cable! 😄

However the PSU makes quite a racket when the Voodoo2s are utilized and to a lesser extent during other activities so I think next up is a new PSU and perhaps a faster CD-ROM drive.
This is a bit of a shame because I really dig the hard-power rocker switch. I do have another AT PSU that would fill this role but it would be just as old, I might check it out anyway.

Perhaps I should look on digikey for a momentary contact rocker switch and go soft-power with a new PSU.. or wire the existing switch up to a new PSU. shrug
Could just flip the stock one back and forth really fast! haha
Either way the only unused newer PSUs kicking around have black cases, so there would have to be a little bit of departure from period specific look for the sake of avoiding magic smoke. 😛

great retro build… you need to watercool it and build a badass case for it 😛

I did actually find an old PSU that seems like it might be decent, but I have been completely distracted with my IBM 5150 lately.
I am not done here, just delayed.

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