Kit Computer & Accessory Thread

Kit computer time!
I do not want to sound like I am spamming, but I think this is a niche enough market to slip in. Also, kids these days should buy more kits!


The PC-RETRO Kit Beta (Catalog #PC-RETRO) is a hobby electronics kit for building a faithful reproduction of the classic IBM PC 5150 motherboard from 1982.

I am seriously keen for one of these suckers!
The problem is that I already have a real IBM 5150 + amber display that I barely touch, making the $190 (shipped international) kit hard to swallow. If I did not already have a 5150 or did not need vehicle stuff I would be all over it!
The other thought is that I could return my 5150 to a fully stock IBM state and hotrod the 5150 clone board with CF card, NEC V20, 1MB RAM board, VGA, etc…. :chinrub:

Of course a kit computer related thread should not be without Briel Computers!
This guy offers some neat stuff, Apple I, Altair 8800, and a few other computers and expansion related things.
I want to build a couple of his kits, but have not ordered anything as of yet.
Lo-tech does not have full computers, but does have IDE/CompactFlash and memory expansion boards for vintage PCs as well as a RaspberryPi GPIO interface board.
The 8-bit IDE adapter and 1MB RAM board currently in my IBM 5150 were purchased from lo-tech.

Sergey's XT is an IBM PC/XT compatible processor board with some IBM AT and IBM PS/2 features. The board has the ISA card form factor, and designed to be plugged in to an ISA back plane. This allows greater flexibility of the final system size. The board is easy to assemble (if you've got basic soldering skills) as it uses only thru-hole components. Most of the components used in this board are readily available from various electronic components distributors, some components can be borrowed from old motherboards.
The goal is to have an open source implementation, including schematics, PCB, BIOS and related software.

This looks really cool, he has some other projects as well!

Here we have someone's modular homebrew z80 computer (his RetroChallenge project from 2014), now available in kit form!
Pretty cool.
I have no idea how I managed to forget the 1802 Membership Card!
It is an Altoids tin sized version of the COSMAC "ELF" from back in the day, running a RCA CDP1802ACE processor.

Does anyone else have anything to add to the list?


In college we had to wire up an 8086 as well as a 68000, both of them worked, well mostly worked. It was more proof of concept that we could get it to do a specific task or two in assembler. I do not miss wire wraping all the components up nor coding in assembler.

Looks like you don't have to worry about some of those things, as it's PCB and such.

Edit: I still have quite a few parts from the 8086 build too.


Edit: I still have quite a few parts from the 8086 build too.

Quite a few parts? Sounds like a Retrochallenge entry to me. hehe
Either way, cool.


Quite a few parts? Sounds like a Retrochallenge entry to me. hehe
Either way, cool.

Few, but not all, plus I don't even know if I still have the memory chips…

Added RC2014, a modular z80 based computer.

Added 1802 Membership Card!