FTL: Faster Than Light Rally Edition

Looking for any takers, the game is played like a rally race. Ideally we would have 2 teams(2 teams of 2 works fine), after every sector the ship gets handed off to the next player in line. Whichever team wins gets bragging rights.

Anyone up for a challenge?

Wat? Explain this some more. Is this timed?

Two ships are started, 1 player runs each ship. At each sector jump the save file is handed off to the next player. So the ship changes hands a few times throughout a run. Goal is survival/high score(though this may depend on the relative skill levels of those involved).

Real world time to complete is not really relevant, sector completion and jump count matters more

So whoever makes it the farthest wins? If you die it's game over? I might be down for a go at this.

Ah I see. I thought it was dependent on time time somehow.

Sign me up!

Yup it's a survive or don't proposition. If the people who are in are relatively good(can beat Normal consistently) then we can do a high score victory.

I have all the ships unlocked so if there is a preference let me know.

I've played about 10 hours and I never beat easy. Wanna be on my team?

Lol, sure why not. I play normal exclusively, there are still a few ships I haven't managed to complete a runthrough with.

Good game, tons of quest