Zenfone 2

Anyone try the new Zenfone yet?

Been really interested in it but my wife keeps breaking her phones so need something a little more durable haha


It seems like a great phone and the 64bit architecture seems like a good future proofing setup.

If you have one chime in, what do you like or dislike about it?



Yeah just bought this phone the other day. So far its great. I just got the 2 gig ram one and I'm very pleased with how fast it is. The screen is pretty good but I find the colours are better on the note. Coming from the Samsung when I'm typing on the screen I hit the home button when I'm trying to press spacebar. They locate it right at the bottom of the screen so its easy to hit. The samsung home is a actual button so its pretty hard to press home. I've also cracked the screen already but it was my fault. I have no case and screen protector yet as I needed the phone right away and headed out of town right after I got it. The phone landed on some gravel and I think I stepped on it too. I didn't know I had it in my pocket when I leaned over. Screen still works fine.

Even though I got the cheap version that was about 260 including tax at memx I'm very happy with it. I couldn't believe how fast it is coming from the note 2.

I'd recommend getting it. Just get a case and screen protector right away.

Also the battery life is good.  Typically I was charging my note by lunch time at work but now I get the whole day out of it until I goto bed. I don't do a whole lot on it, just read the odd PDF document and browse the internet good part of the day.

If you want me to try something on it let me know.