Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi

Kyle has the T100 Chi on the review bench today, find out more about what he likes and hates about this little tablet.

The T100 Chi is stunning to look at, whether it be the tablet’s wonderful build quality or the 1200p IPS panel. The Mobile Dock, while small, is one of the better feeling convertible keyboards we’ve seen. Sadly the abysmal performance is too much of a hindrance and drags the T100 Chi down to a level we just cannot recommend.

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You always have to have some sacrifices with a product that isn't overly expensive. Unfortunately this one looks to sacrifice a little too much where it really matters. Maybe the next gen of processors and bigger storage will be able to get this one to shine in a year.

Thanks for the review!

Glad you liked it.  ;D

I reaaaally wanted this tablet to work well but 32GB is just nowhere near enough for a full Windows device. I know this tablet comes in higher storage capacities but I think the processor and RAM will still be a limiting factor. Maybe a refresh with an Intel Core M-5y and a few extra GB of RAM might breathe life into it.