Accelero S1 rev. 2 and installing Noiseblocker fan

I got a old PNY 6800GT (AGP) graphic card, witch I was years ago cooled with watercooling and not I would like to use it, so I have to create some cooling for it. And it should be quiet one, so - it must be huge and allow me to add a 120mm fan on it - a Noiseblocker at best. I choosen an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 rev. 2, because:

Accelero S1 is probably not even compatibly with my GFX card -
(and it is also hard to get)

Accelero S1 rev. 2 is compatible -
(because is support zhe 48,3 and 53,4mm distance of four holes)

On the contrary, the Accelero S2 is strip down version -
(only two heatpipes and not four and what is worser, it does support almost all cards, only not these with the 53,4mm holes distance…)

Also no solution from Arctic Coolingu concerning active fan is good, IMHO. Their "turbo mode" with God to know how two noise small fans - phew! Not for me.

So I give it a little bit of thought and come up with own solution:

Basic of this idea is, that I can add the fan using the rubber "screws." On the bottom side it is dead simply - into the deattachable plastic cover i just drill 5mm from it corner and 105mm from them two holes (that is the holes distance for a 120mm Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentFan XL1 fan). These are of diamater 4mm. While it is true, that the fan have a 4,5mm holes, then the plastic cover is much more slim and therefore it is only good that the hole is smaller a bit - after all, this is a rubber and it squeeze thru easily 🙂

On the top side the solution is more challenging. However it is enought to create a two little 20x8mm holders with 3 a 4mm holes, bend the holder into 5x3mm L profile and connect it thru the heatsink by two M3x25mm screws withz bigger bearing and that it is. The fan hold there pretty well - and it is silent rubber connection - no vibrations! 🙂

The good advantage of Noiseblocker is not only that the fans are quite quiet, but they also come up already with these rubber "screws" (4ks per piece, of course, not the 8 as visible on the pic):

The whole complet is a bit higher and bellow are the heatsinks on the rams that come with Accelero. They are great!

The overal look at the height clearly show, that the nearby PCI slots are busted 😄 Well, not a big deal. They should be clear also because unrestricted airflow is necessary for good cooling of this graphic card, that can become quite hot…

So I can only hope that I give some ideas to others, how to realize some DIY cooling and we see more interesting projects like that 🙂

Temps I get on the PNY 6800GT card was 45°C at first:

…when it settled down it get 43 or even 42... 😉

However the temperature of the voltage regulators is what is bothering me a lot 😞 They do overheat! 😞 And the supplied heatsinks aren't stick on them, so I have to use the original heatsink, that looks like it is almost made from plastic and surely did not cool them well…
Not to mention the thick (almost 2mm?) rubber - something that is between the chips and the heatsink... 😞

The temps get better when the heatsink TIM settled down:

….but recently I installed the same way another Accelero S1 rev. 2 on PNY 6800 GS card, and the results just surprised me:

That is amazing. Tough the 28°C is not ambient temps (that is 21°C and 77% of humidity) but a card temp, the 33°C is IMHO amazing result  😎

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