Raspberry Pi Media Center powered with Kodi

Does anyone else run a rpi media center?

I currently run OSMC on my raspberry pi 2 with all my media saved on my NAS attached to my router. For live TV I've built a playlist of every US, UK and Canadian TV channel I'm interested and could find, so my RPI has PVR functionality and streams live TV without a subscription.
For remote control I use Yatse with its suite of plugins so I can cast videos, music etc to the media center from my phone, it also has the functionality to stream live TV and all my media to my phone as well.
For such a low cost solution (cost me less than $60 all in), I wouldn't recommend anything else to people if they like tinkering, as it does take about a day to setup everything to work seamlessly.

Delayed response but I have to say, at least running it on wireless I am not impressed with kodi on my Raspberry Pi 2. The only way I've been able to get it to 'work' is having to setup a mysql library with my server in order for it to not have to take several weeks to scrap all the data from my server into it.

Even then, it seems like the mysql disconnects periodically, causing me to have to restart the pi. I haven't gotten around to writing a script so that it reconnects if disconnected. Yes I know people say I could have my server stream all the content, but the point is for it to decode on the fly, not have to worry about streaming buffering crap.