The current video card on my testbed….is very impressive.  Really, really sweet kit.

When the review is done I bet you will agree with my conclusion. /whistle

Can't wait to read all about it 🙂

So is it a green card or red card 🙂

We are thinking on doing a 'guess the model' contest / give away…sooo Im not giving ANY hints 😛

Yeah, it sort of is one of those organic moments that no one planned. I mentioned to Soul' how good the ********** (which is a ******* version of the ****** architecture) is, and the idea sort of 'popped' into existence.  If this one works out…we may do it again in the future. 🙂

Sigh, my mind immediately went to something else instead…ah the internet, great at ruining people's minds.

I don't think that there could be any better price/performance ratio that the unfortunate (because of the crippled bus in order to access the meaningless 0.5MB … by 32bit bus, where is the logic in this?!) GTX 970. What mostly caught my eye was, that the performance compared to the "top dog" GTX 980 was not very different:

Dying Light GTX 980 Vs GTX 970 FPS Frame Rate Comparison
Dying Light GTX 980 Vs GTX 970 FPS Frame Rate Comparison – 06:12
— DudeRandom84

So despite the GTX 970 shortcommings, one have to ask - is the almost consistent ~15fps more really worth the price of GTX 980? (and the last test of looking to sun are even on top of that…)

review is now live of this awesome card

The most impressive GPU EVER seen on the RHR Tech bench

Sadly, HWbot team did not consider making picture of this nice card as default for all the GFX 980 ti cards:

…but I tried, since GTX 980 ti is not currently showing any picture:

that would have been sweet Trodas! Keep trying 😛

The card that was just on my testbed will interest you though…as its price to performance was crazy good. 😉

There are fights already, when I come up with images of eVGA for GTX 980:
…and Asus for GTX 970:

Finally they decided to go with generic stock card images 😞


So I tried again when come to images, that will represent DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 rams:
Did not managed much, but Christian finally agreed on pool: "we will make a poll"  😉 So, get your HWbot forum registrations ready, maybe I can push some legends to make the images. My idea is:

IMHO DDR1 should be represented with some classic icon like the Adata Vitesta.
DDR2 should be represented with another classic, I suggest Crucial Ballistix.
DDR3 should be also represented with some kick-add Hypers. Maybe Corsair Dominator GT…?
...and I'm sure Don_Dan can come up with some good DDR4 rams, when he get around to Skylake and pushing DDR4.

And price/performance is always intresting for most. Certainly for me it is very appealing. GTX 980 ti is far out of my possible reach for sure. So, keep benching  😉

Good ideas on DDR1, 2, 3

For DDR4 my vote would go to GSkill Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 kit.  Good looking and OMFG fast.

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