Need some Great single player games
RHR Crew

Anyone know any good single player games?

I am traveling lots over the next bit and need to fill my laptop with games, any advice?

Original Carmageddon!

If you are into this sort of thing.. Automation. Except in it's current state you kinda want to find it on sale.

I imagine you Calgarians would like World of Guns:

If you will have a reliable internet connection and gamepad… Spintires!
Can also do mods as seen below.

Full size ->

Global Mod

I'd recommend playing or re-playing Knights of the Old Republic 1 &2 with a few mods that enhance the experience.

RHR Crew

Saints Row 3, Saints Row 4, Saints Row: Gat outta Hell.

Though I am kind of digging GTA V….with some mods to make it less consoleish.

RHR Crew

Some great games there, thinking bastion, I usually only play saints with my wife and she's not bringing her laptop so that's off the list.

Maybe I'll go visit asus hq and steal a rog  laptop haha

Global Mod

SimTower, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, the Fallout classics?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution if you haven't played it is great, same with the latest Tomb Raider reboot, Just Cause 2 can also be a lot of fun. Outside of that I'm not 100% sure as most of the games I play PC are all multiplayer/mmo I use console for single player games seeing I didn't like the old DRM policies back in the day and have mostly stuck with those for single player.

RHR Crew

Thanks guys, I played bastion (highly recommend it) and borderlands pre sequel amazed my tablet could play borderlands on medium no issue high when plugged in

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