I bought the nice Thermalright HR-03 Rev. A cooler, because this older suxxka support 2 holes GFX cards, like most of the old AGP ones are. As well, as the Radeon R9600 XT from HIS.

I wanted serious, but quiet cooling, so I also wanted to stick a 120mm Noiseblocker 1000 RPM fan, but the clips supported only 92mm fans. I was considering many possibilities, but when I get the Noctual NH-C14S cooler for my experiements, there are clips for second 140mm fan, witch are just great to use… and I get THIS idea:

And it worked! Easy to install, possible to remove (replace fan, for example for something powerfull, when need maximum cooling for overclocking) the fan and it looks reasonably as well.

A "bit" costy clips, but they do the job more that well. Another material was used from older Thermalright clips that I have plenty of spare ones from old Socket A coolers. Quality steel, hard to cut, but easy to work with.

The only problem I have is, that I did not believe that the contact on the die is as good, as it can be. That is because the die protection rubber, that I stick on the GPU naked small core, is IMHO too high. When I pressed on the heatsink against the core as hard, as I can, I get only a very tiny track of the core on the cooler, so I probably need to take a sand paper and shave the rubber a little down, that the contact is good.

Temperature in iddle after power-on is 29.5°C, under load it go to 43, 44.5°C with is IMHO proving my point about bad contact. R9600 XT cannot run that hot with THAT overkill cooler.