AData is comming up with new series of XPG SX930 SSD drives. They are marketed as "Invincibility redefined" and should be using an "enterprise-grade" MLC chips. A little bit skeptical point of view should be therefore in order.

First at all, the good news - the drives did NOT use low-end controller SandForce SF-2281. They instead rely on JMicron controller with "enterprise-grade" MLC chips and own technology "pSLC Cache" with works together with standard DDR3 cache. Hopefully this is not same technology, as used in SSD OCZ Trion 100, witch produce very mediocre results at best *) (after the cache end, the speeds fall to 70MB/sec writing, witch is bellow average desktop HDD…!).

As usual, there is no informations about used chips. If we can speculate, then the used controller JMicron datasheet says that JMF670H does support Toshiba/SanDisk chips with 32, 24 and 19nm technologies and for Micronu it goes along with 25 and 20nm chips.
Also we know, that SX930 does not offer full capacity od the NAND flasch chips, so 128/256/512GB, but lowred, witch indicate bigger reserve for bad blocks, witch the user will see as visible increased lifetime.

AData offer rather nice 5 year warranty.

I would still rather stay away from small nm processes and don't believe the "enterprise-grade" MLC chips especially when the company fail to list what chips will be used, so we can confirm or deny these "enterprise-grade" claims, but that is just me. Of course if the price is right, then for example these Samsung 850 Pro drives with reall MLC chips, 40nm technology and 10 years warranty could be abandoned in favor of cheaper solution.

*) in Czech test, a OCZ Trinom 100 drives, filled up to 90%, the speed fall in copying large 4G file to 151MB/sec for the 240G drive and lame 90MB/sec for the 120G drive. Using HD Tune show 100MB/sec speeds for the bigger 240G drive and 70MB/sec for the smaller 120G drive:
When we count on, how Toshiba "flip the finger" after buying OCZ, to upholding the OCZ warranty, it is really IMHO suicidal from Toshiba to come up again with the OCZ label. Also I did not trust the TLC rams made to store there bits in one cell using just 19nm chips. Sure they are cheap. But are they worth even that price...? Time will tell.