MSI Gaming 6G 980TI: Silent But Deadly

The most impressive GPU EVER seen on the RHR Tech bench

"Throughout testing we were simply amazed at what this card could do and how powerful a video card MSI was able to create. With that being said, it was not actually its best in class gaming performance that truly won our hearts and minds; no in the end it was how well tempered a card it was. Let’s face it, usually top of the line ‘high performance’ video cards are not what we would classify as silent. Yes they can usually be very quiet, but for the most part they are going to be louder than your entry level cards. After all, 250watts of power is a lot of heat to disperse!"

This amazing GPU was awarded two of our Top Awards, the Hardcore Award and the Excellence Award: these awards are only given to Hardware that really is the best in class and offers something out of the norm.

Winner of guess the card was a Joshua Jordan on Facebook, bunch of giveaways going live this afternoon 🙂

10K now…and we welcome our PCMR red or green we all are the same: PC enthusiasts. 🙂

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