**Closed**Soullessone21 Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway(Brought to you By RHR)

RHR has Announced the two other giveaways….

Second and third place get free Steel Series Mouse Pads

I want a steam box !!!!

but i am in the hearthstone beta already so if you pick me pls give to next person 🙂

Super stoked about Space Engineers. Cant wait to see where it goes!

I wanna buy a slave to sleeve my PC so I can game again sometime soon. Does that count?

I would like to get a machine, that can play WOT at decent framerate even when battle is raging and there are many trees & stuff on the screen ;D

I want to buy a gaming PC 😄

Hey, my ad looks good. Kind of. Haha.
Best of luck to everyone.

Hey community of soullesson21,

My name is Ludacris007, I stumbled across your site searching for a hearthstone beta key. I have entered 10 contests so far with no luck. Hopefully I'll get lucky here!

My next big purchase will likely be a gaming PC, this is the model I'm currently considering: http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Intel-B85-Core-i5-Configurator

Let me know what ya think!

Sincerely, Ludacris007

Another hdd, the fourth one. You never have enough space  ;D.

I recently purchased water cooling for my computer and have been very happy with it. So cool and silent.

I'd love to get a new HDD and a new Graphics Card 🙂

Steambox along with the next 1440p motion flow gaming monitors has got to be at the top of my list.

Gave my father for his birthday an SSD. And now I want one for myself!

NVIDIA GTX 750ti is probably going to shake stuff up a bit in the near future.

Hearthstone! Because that's why I'm here! 😄

Hearthstone is really the only thing I can think of right now…
But I'm looking forward to the PC release of GTA 5 too.

My next purchase will be another SSD so that I can run them in RAID 😄 Just getting the first SSD was one of the best purchases I've made for my computer so far, another one in RAID definitely ain't gonna hurt 😄