COD Ghosts

Looks like it's gonna be a fun game… plays a little more like modern warfare 2 which I don't mind.

Crossfire does NOT work yet... I get better single card performance.

I might buy it too.. I was not planning too, but I have a couple of friends playing, so we could do 4 players co-op

Call of Duty: Ghosts Copy & Paste Modern Warfare 2 Ending – 00:18
— satantribal

Lol, I think they're running out of ideas… By the sounds of it from what I've read online and from reviews is that people are finally starting to get sick of CoD.

I also heard anyone using AMD cards will see random FPS dips to 10FPS as the game is not properly optimized for AMD, only NV. In TotalBiscuits new video of WTF Is… he also shows lots of stuttering/freezing in the menus.

the single player is pretty good