I wanted board that support AGP and the Core 2 Duo CPU's, especially the Core 2 Extreme X6800 for AGP benching. Dunno if that was a good choice, but the first board I get for this purpose is ASRock 775i65G R3.0. It does not look like much:


…but it promise support for the FSB 1066 on the fast CPUs. I ordered a Core 2 Extreme X6800 ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-2-Extreme-Processor-X6800-SL9S5-2-93-GHz-4M-1066-MHz-FSB-/191455804119?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c93a7bad7 ), some fast rams should be moving towards me too ( http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=95400&page=2 ), so what remain is a good cooler, PSU and let's the journey begin 😄

At first I tried a lazy old Celeron 336 (2.8GHz) and some crapy rams (2x 512MB Mushkin enhanced 2.5-4-4-9 tested at 200MHz):

The board is completely stock, except that I get rid of the stickers and the "bubble gum" for the chipset cooler, replaced with AS2.

There did not seems to be a way to increase Vcore in bios and using a stock Intel cooler I hit wall at 154MHz FSB (x21) pretty soon:

Now we can all quess, what that caused. Not enought Vcore? Celeron having a problem going over 3.2GHz? Poor cooling? Poor old FSP300-60NP PSU? Rams? (they should not be the case, as I tested them with the timings (except TRAS 9, this board did not let me set over 😎 at 200MHz)

Never the less, I started measuring on the mobo what caps I can replace with quality ones. There is the table of caps and voltages on ASRock 775i65G R3.0:

Including original .ai file (Illustrator 7), if anyone want to use/print it for own moding.

Surprisingly, the board have zero caps from the bottom. And since it have only 5Vcore output caps, then I have to come up with some mod that add caps to the Vcore output, as this is IMHO not enought caps for only 3 phase Vcore regulation.

Still, people managed max FSB 352MHz: http://ww.w.hwbot.org/submission/2430766_ludek_reference_clock_775i65g_352.44_mhz
…max memory clock 250MHz: http://ww.w.hwbot.org/submission/2327744_chris_666_memory_clock_ddr_sdram_249_mhz
…and max CPU clock od 4.2GHz:  http://ww.w.hwbot.org/submission/2339937_darkzeus_cpu_frequency_pentium_4_641_4220.4_mhz

…so I have something to look forward to 😄