Rant about CIA "dumb&dumber" strategy

I waited 15 years to hear this information on mainsteam news (well, sort of, RT is somewhat "special"), but since Viena is like 120km from me, I knew the details of what went down years and years ago…

Jump right there: http://youtu.be/_MVNUSv1Mn4?t=12m33s

…or enjoy it as whole there:

CrossTalk: Neocon Retreat? – 23:59
— RT

And now a little bit of specification on what went wrong:

Finally someone said out loud, that USA given Iran blueprints to atom bomb (12:35). However there is more to that story and the plans aren't phony at "that much." The story goes like that - CIA picked Russian scientist guy to deliver to the Iranians the blueprints in Viena during the year 2000. These blueprints are really phony, but not that much. The result will just fizzle and do not produce nuclear explosion. However the plan hit first harsh bump on the road right at the start - the "damn russian" scientist spot the error. He should have not, but USA/CIA underestiminated Russians just again... Even with this "bump on the road", they decided to still follow thru. They given him the closed evenlope and instructions, that he should not open it under any circumstances. But this "damn rooskie" opened the evenlope and included (with the plans for atom bomb) his own letter, in witch he described the error in the plans, warning the Iranians.
So thanks to CIA botched operation and the "stubborn rooskie" scientist, Iran have blueprint of working nuclear bomb since 2000. This is almost like the movie Dumb and dumber... thanks, CIA!

(this information hit mainstream news in Czech in 2006: http://www.blisty.cz/art/26439.html ... so some of us know it since 2000, most Czechs find out in 2006 and the US world seems to be first told in 2015... is this some kind of sick joke or what?!)

PS: since Iran did not attacked anyone and did not even threaten Izrahell (mistranslation, grossly misinterpreted), then I did not fear even nuclear Iran. But what f*cked up is CIA and USA international policy, to hand out easily correctable plans to build nukes?! Do this sounds even remotedly sane to anyone?!

The truth about Crimea

Pravda o Kryme - The truth about Crimea – 26:15
— Bobo Bobanec

…a dose of truth about Crimea being "taken" or "annected" by Russia. To sum it up:

  • Crimea was part of Russia longer, that USA even exists
  • Crimea was not part of Ukraine since the referendum in 1991, witch no-one else wanted to respect...
  • people did not live there under "military occupation", they are happy to be part of Russia finally and they also are very happy to not be slaughtered by west-backed neonazi groups, as independent people in Novorossia:
    http://youtu.be/fWkfpGCAAuw - http://s923.photobucket.com/user/ax2cz/library/banderovci

I have to disagree with you on Crimea. It was indeed founded before the US was a country….but it was by the Crimean Turks.  These are the 'indigenous' people of that land.  They dont speak Russian.  In fact Stalin did his best to kill them all via starvation and forced deportation (with Russians forced to live there to take their place so to speak). So much so that most are now not Crimean ancestors. It was one of the worst, and least known Genocides of the last Century (IIRC mid 1950s).

To put this in perspective it would be like me a Newfoundlander claiming that my people have been here in NA long before the white man came...just because my ancestors killed ALL the native people and took their place and land shortly after landing.

As for who wants what in that war torn land...its basically comes down to nationalities. Crimean's want to GTFO of Russia - as they know first hand what russia wants to do to them, whereas the russian population - who were forced to move there in the first place - want to stay with russia...most likely as they fear the Crimeans will kill them in retaliation for the shit their ancestors (only 1-2 gens ago) did to indigs... ala Serb/Croatian civil war.

Nop, not by the Crimean Turks, but by Russians. Turks always wanted to attack, being pushed by all todays western powers to take on Crimea, yes, but it was Russian territory before USA ever existed. You are wrong:

Timeframe: 1682–1796

During her reign, Catherine extended the borders of the Russian Empire southward and westward to absorb New Russia, Crimea, Northern Caucasus, Right-bank Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Courland at the expense, mainly, of two powers – the Ottoman Empire and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. All told, she added some 200,000 square miles (520,000 km2) to Russian territory.

Since that time is Crimea Russian territory and the Turks there are was minority even at that times. Even later they need more people to live there, so Catarina II. the Great invited people from the Russian territory to live there.

So I have my doubts, that Stalin need to do any cleaning there at all. The mass starvation was happening on Ukraine (and about 30 years before 1950), but if you had any verifiable sources that put these things happening on Crimea in 1950, then I will take a look and compare to with other records. In 1950 are Russians bussy building nukes and rockets, not starving people. You are confused, IMHO - that is what Trockists do, not Stalin. Stalin just jailed those responsible and killed them, who deserve it for that (Leon Trockij, for shiny example). There are big, and mostly untold to the west, difference.

History is full of unjustly stolen land and properties, so all I care is how people vote right now. (Mostly this is remembered on the case of USA and Indians genocide, but when you go far enought to the history, my ancestors drive Germans out of our land too at one point in history.) And that is really what counts. And by the self-determination right of people (granted by UN, but enforced only in case of Kosovo, where no referendum happend and indigent Serbs are shoot, killed, deported and their houses taken by Albans), any region can declare independence and are free to do whatever the people there (the majority of the people there to be precise) want.

That it is. No IF, no BUT's, they have the right. Sad thing is, that they used the same right since 1991 there more times. Four attepmts and no-one give a damn. For 5th try they proclaimed that they want to join mother Russia and that threat of Russia defending own teritory finally worked - and Crimea is where it want to be.

Crimean's want to GTFO of Russia

Why then they voted not once, but 5 times in history the oposite? That does not make sense, unless you claim that the people that live there for centuries are not Crimeans.

the russian population

Nop, they are Crimeans and they wanted to be independent from 1991. But since human rights are valid only when West deems that this suit their case of encircling the Russia/China, then they are unjustly denied independence.

most likely as they fear the Crimeans will kill them in retaliation for the shit their ancestors (only 1-2 gens ago) did to indigs… ala Serb/Croatian civil war

I doubt that this is the case, as there is absolute majority of pro-Russian population there, so half percent of "revengefull" population will be quickly pacified. All in all this just prove why history is not teched well in the Western schools ;D Crimea was for hundreds years at peace and it never even been (when come to that) Ukrainian territory by law.
Chrustschov had not alone that power to give land of Russia republic to Ukraine republic, even that they are under CCCP rule. So the whole "giving Crimea to Ukraine" thing was not legal even by that time laws.

Even people close to Maidan acknowledge that not only the current Ukraime regime is not legitimate, but since other places held referendum to succeed from Ukraine since 1991, Ukraine as country in fact did not even exist… Funny stuff 🙂

This is a must-watch to understand - Understanding the Russian mindset:
Understanding the Russian mindset – 13:56
— CaspianReport

Go back to the 1400's mate.  That was when the Crimean Turks settled in the area called the Crimea. They fled to that area during the Ottoman empire times. But yes old bloody Cathy did do her best to kill them off too - as did all the Tsars for that matter. They were 'foreigners' and not Caucasian - and thus 'evil'. Like I said this war has been going on for nearly 600 years now - longer than North America was 'settled' by Europe.

I'm not trying to paint the Crimean people as the hero here, there is no simple solution or sound bite on who is wrong. Rather just pointing out the Russian Spin leaves out crucial details.  Maybe the Crimean people were scumbags and piss poor neighbours… and it was a mutual hate deal - and they lost to the more powerful Tsar and then Commie Empire...after all they were kick out of the Ottoman Empire and probably for a good reason.

Basically it is a culture clash and the more powerful Russian empire tried to subsume them (by the time honoured tradition of killing them all).  They failed, and are still trying to do finish the job today...but the Russians saying that the west has no business butting in is nonsense.  Its an area of military importance and whats left of the indig populace wants the west there....and for good reason.

IE Civil wars suck, but the Russians are sticking their nose in another countries business AND trying to claim the moral high ground to make the west not doing the same. Hell Britain said the same thing to the French during the US civil war. Its realpolitik  101. 😉