With the new contest for a Hearthstone key up we might as well make a new thread about it! Anyone in beta and playing? I'm using the Mage for now as I'd unlocked all the basic cards for the deck but I started playing Paladin last night and got rekt for my first 2 rounds against AI 😞 Gonna unlock all his basic cards and try against human 😄 If anyone wants to play add me on b.net      Headshot#587

I'm on there some of the time and have bee switching between a Shaman and a Priest deck. You can find me on B.net at Arinoth#1683

This game is good, if u want to play game like hearthstone go kongregate and try to find "elements" 🙂

I've found that I got bored of the game after a while, might play it again once it hits Android as it's a lot more of a casual game then sit at your PC and play type.

Yeah I agree. It gets very repetitive. Not bad for free though!

I know a bunch of people at work who've sunk a lot of money on this free beta game already…

Thats how free to play games make money though….

Oh I'm not complaining about that, I think it's pretty good business model. I'm just saying for me I've lost interest in it and will probably only play it when I'm on my tablet or phone, away from my PC (whenever the android version comes out)

Just wait, till they come up with patch, like WoT did in v9.0, that basically screw the whole game for many (all with older HW for sure!) and these users are paying their premium accounts, etc. while they cannot play, because the game is fucked up at the very least. That will make you think twice of their business model. I believe I posted rant about it in jokes not so long time ago…

Ah, there it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaSPJCsxAv8

Want another example? Beta of WarThunder. It create like 1km high trees, rendering about 30 of them at once, killing the framerate to 5fps from like 40, witch was acceptable:

…buildings flying in air, etc...

And quess what! To post on their damn forum, you need 2 battles. At 5fps and no visibility, I make it thru. And now… I still cannot post! SO FUCK THIS "free" BULLSHIT!
They really need some betatesters with DX9.0c, as WarThunder obviously was not even tested on it...

In short, sometimes "free to play" means "we need free betatesters" ...

PS. installed FarCry and quess what? Beautifull graphic, all on high/very high and smooth play. At least I know that my computer is not broken, as it might look from the images. It is really NOT broken! The game(s) are.