Question of design - white internal DVD-RW?

Guys, I wonder, if anyone can suggest me a good (at best RPC-1 patchable) DVD-RW drive. I like my old NEC drives (DV-4551A, DV-2510A) and I'm even satisfacted with the Sony Optiarc AD-7621S, but all these are baige/black.

Now what good drive (SATA these says, of course) is produced in white color? Could anyone help me out?

For THIS case it could be a reall beauty:

…and basically it is a question of design. I seen plenty of extrernal (slim, sadly, not re-usable as internal drive) white DVD-RW combodrives, but none internal.

Anyone can suggest white one...?

Easiest way is probably to pull the plates off of the front of the drive and just paint them white.

Yep, if you want actual white you are likely going to have to paint. Most "white" ones I have seen are beige.
Or just live with a black strip above your black grill.

Looks like that one have to do it yourself. The most close thing to white I find is this:

(Samsung SH-224DB white drive, I fear it will be more baige-like…)

I got also warning, that:

OS X hackintosh.. samsung dvd has firmware issue with sleep, drive stays active

…but hopefully that would be fixed, as Samsung is releasing plenty of firmware updated. Worser is, that there is no RPC-1 firmware (region free). Older Samsung drivers are covered:
But not yet this one.

So I get it and get white spray ready  ::)

Samsung SH-224DB "white" drive recived today. Of course it is baige, not white. Sigh.

Painting job required. How hard can be removing of the tray… that is the question. Never done that before, lol.

This is not bad idea at all! It will not fit my case, yet BitFenix have done a great job to make the resulting cases pretty nice to look at! I will have to resort into paint spray the baige drive with white color  😛

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