HWC team is asleep, what about to wake them up?

Hey, look who is asleep! 🙂 Whole HWC HWbot team is asleep and I have to make then no.1:


Now they WILL have to fix the nVidia Vanta LT bug, that cause their wrapper to return bogus 0 result, lol … because this IS a valid score, according to them: http://hwbot.org/submission/2938695_

…and I'm not even Canadian! So guys, wake up. I can give a good, valid scores for the lowest marks (already made valid and true 179, working on even lower one), but there are scores like 3DMark Fire Strike (and FS Extreme) that I cannot even run, much less to give some good output. So hopefully someone wake up and support me there  😉

I know, that RHR is not HWC, but I still would suggest that all Canadians wake up and produce at least some scores that I cannot produce, when I did not have the hardware need 🙂  Just for fun, guys! 🙂

Wait hold on a second.
The lowest score?
Is this something my K6-2 and RAGE Pro could run?
What are the system reqs for this benching app?

Yep, lowest score. My Duron 750 (downclocked to 500MHz) with nVidia Vanta LT at 25/30MHz downlocked (sadly that is the cursed driver limit) is working second day on the Aquamark to pass  ;D

Yep, your K6-2 and Rage Pro is more that welcome. If you can downclock it, then you qualify. Nothing else that the wallpaper is required - and run by Aquamark wrapper, witch produce the verification file. That it is. Easy.

Sadly Powerstrip failed me on the downclock, gotta look for older version or something that does support radical downclocking of my Rage 128 Pro. You will quickly find, that not even 8MHz on FX 5200 produce low-enought score (get 309, grrrr!) …



Is Hardocp competing this year? Steve and his crew have been far more helpful and polite to us then the HWC crew but to each their own 🙂

Okay does RHR have a team yet

I still have old duron and baord in my rubbermaid with old pc parts.
guess will have to take them out tonight


Okay does RHR have a team yet

Sadly I do not think we are big enough yet maybe next year 🙂

Meanwhile you guys can just practice and try out some of your hardware and what could be pushed from it. There is plenty of tests that require not obscure, ancient HW, but a new one  😉 Like the 3D Mark Fire Strike tests.

I will have to start getting back into OCing, only have 3.3pts in HWC
Need to boost it.

I will build a RHR OC team account, who wants to team lead it?

I would say you, because of the sheer number of hardware to bench and experience, but OTOH I understand you cannot do everything … so hopefully there could be someone else who can step it  😉

yzfraven -

I will have to start getting back into OCing, only have 3.3pts in HWC. Need to boost it.

Me too 🙂 I suxx recently, so… time to push the limits  ;D

Do you guys have some serious 775 mainboard that could push serious (insane will be better, you know…) voltages into some multicore Xeon 771 - modified for 775? The Cinebench 15 x64 bit test for Socket 775 most definitively call for it. Mine Core 2 Duo Extreme X6800 @ 3.4GHz can do only 165 points:
First place there is 556 points:

5GHz Core 2 Q9650 Yorkfield did it. But this suxxker clunker have only 4 cores/threads. If there is quad or six core with HT, it will blow him out of the water... but sadly I did not managed to find six core 771/775 Xeon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Xeon_microprocessors
...and even the quadcores have no HT, with is essential in this test. W/O HT the speed is halved 😞



Also with the new lowest CPU-Z frequency challenge I could use some help. Mainly I could use Asus TXP4-X mainboard:

Anyone could help?

I would say you Trodas be team leader
I'll be your master chief..


I would say you, because of the sheer number of hardware to bench and experience, but OTOH I understand you cannot do everything … so hopefully there could be someone else who can step it  😉

A man with almost zero experience in overclocking and w/o any world records - and most importantly - w/o any interesting hardware to produce some scores, should lead? LOL

That is IMHO not a good idea, but Im flattered  😉

Yet ATM I would suggest only supporting sleepy HWC to get a hand on HWbot  😉 Changing teams later is possible and easy. But mainly what is need is supporting and active users. And there come second problem - since I'm located overseas, then even if someone find something that I desperately missing to make better score, then it cost "arm and leg" to ship to me and it also took close to 2 months (IIRC) before it arive.
Not good.

Give you an example - my friend, for whom I fixed the Asus TXP4-X mobo, is promising to look for it for… year and something. With such speed, one can die long before any good score can be made. And the trick I have in mind is rather simple - Asus TXP4-X, flashed as Asus TX97-XE, use undocumented switch combination = get FSB 7.14MHz. (this was tested and works)
As CPU use Pentium Overdrive chip. Switch the fan on it off, it will automatically switch to x1 multiplier for safety  😎 Bingo, you get a 7.14MHz CPU = you definitively win lowest CPU-Z CPU MHz clock  😉

Next step - if the mobo can sync this, it might take like 6MHz by changing the base clock crystal to lower value...  😉 The possibilities are endless...  ;D But you need to have the hardware that let you play.

BTW, a good example of hardware need is this test:
Stage 1 - Lowest Memory Clock Sandy Bridge Try to beat Cowcotland's score of 532.3 MHz.

Soooo… who have a Sandy Bridge & some interesting mainboard that allow good overclocking and downclocking settings?  😉

Hi RHR. Nice to meet you.  ;D

Hey hey dead things long time no talk to, we should… check that must grab a beer one of these days soon. Would love to see what the mad Dr has been working on.


Thanks for the warm welcome Soul! I have to admit, I have been quite out of whatever loop(s) may still exist, only recently reemerging thanks to the Team Cup at the bot, which has got me excited about overclocking again. A pity that post-apocalyptic HWC is a desolate ruin, a hollow husk of its former self.

I like to drink beer. Are you still out in cowboy country? 'Cuz I'm still in the centre of the universe.

Anytime and I miss the old crew there 😞 was and still has a great group of people but change is good. I am in cow country but do travel to the center of the universe here and there.

Was planning on going again in the next few months 🙂

What are you running these days for your oc rigs? You should post them up in the build log sections I always remember your rigs being epic.

Make it known when you are next coming to town, and we will with absolute certainty drink beer in close proximity to each other. It might even form the basis for an excuse to get the band back together, if you know what I mean.

I don't know about "epic" per se, but a little Tualatin Fury tickled my fancy in all the right places… http://hwbot.org/submission/2956709_