Hi fellas, this is not quite "off topic" but fits within so many of the other subforums that I decided to not take a chance on picking the wrong one… so I put it in the one I knew for sure was the wrong one.  I've never been much of a gambler, so at least I know for sure I was wrong instead of having to stress out about it ;D


I'm doing a bunch of research on Voip networks.  Specifically the hardware and physical connections.  I already know "how" viop works, but Im getting stuck on a few of the details and I simply can't find the answers on the net anywhere.  Since I know for certain that the internet has the answer to every question man could concieve, I can only conclude that the reason I cant find the answer i'm looking for is because I'm simply asking the wrong question!

So.... If anyone here is fluent in Voip network topology, or at least has more than a passing knowlege of it... or perhaps can take a shot in the dark 😄  I would love to hear from you.

The biggest question that is bugging me right now is how a media gateway (softswitch) actually connects to the PSTN.  Everywhere I look the information just says "the media gateway provides the connection from the voip network to the PSTN"  nowhere anywhere does it say "how" you go about connecting your media gateway to the pstn.

for example, if i have a company with 100 outgoing calls, I can route them through the LAN to the softswitch and then it..........  how the Fk does the softswitch route the calls... what kind of cable does it take, do I simply need one telephone line going into a softswitch connected to the telephone provider and viola I can make 100 outgoing calls?  Or do i have to have a gateway in some place off site that is specifically designed to add networks to the PSTN?

This part of the topology is either so simple im overthinking it, or...

Anyway, any help or direction on topology would be immensely appreciated.