Kyle Reviews the BitFenix Neos(Non Windowed) Case, Read what he thinks about it in the link below.

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Pretty garden and even prettier review. I like it. Thank you!

I also have one low-cost case from BitFenix and in overal, I'm happy with it. But plan on moding it for better intake airflow… 🙂
(BitFenix Merc Alpha)

And yep, cable management is pain. Puting all the cables into the back is harder that usual, but it can be done. There is no such fatal flow as with the CPU Vcore power cable, as in the BitFenix Neos  🙂

BTW, BitFenix should pay Quake 2 royalty fees for using the logo:


Thanks for the review. I agree with your opinions. I think this case has compromises that any enthusiast wouldn't want to deal with for their own computer, and the cabling issues pretty much make the windowed version a no go (if it's not neat you don't want to show it off, and at the higher price there are better cases).

However, the color options and decent looks of the cheaper solid side case make it a bit of a unique case for an average joe with a low to mid range computer. I can see a market for it, but it's not me.

I really wanted to like it but you hit the head on the nail. In an enthusiast's mind the downsides (cable management, customization, etc) we take for granted, in cases just barely above this price point, are all widely equipped with them. Structurally and aesthetically BitFenix did pretty well, which for a lot of budget-minded people might be enough since they'll go through a build once and never open the case again.

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