Post what CB/UHF/VHF/etc radios you have in your land, water, or air based vehicles!

Recently tossed a SBE Sidebander IV into the Saturn SW2, and moved the Cobra 29 WXNWST into the Dodge W150.
The Sidebander IV needed some joints reflowed but aside from that it seems to function. Both radios are hardwired and each vehicle has a proper antenna mounted. 🙂

Please excuse the bad pics, last week my camera's screen stopped working so it is stuck in auto mode with no viewfinder. 😛
Also I have not dusted the SW2 in ages and it has no cabin filter, sorry.

Nice looking radios man.  Are you able to use them much where you live?

Ive got a radio too, but I have no idea what it is.  I just use it for work and its not hard mounted in my truck.  its digital though, kenwood I think… I could be wrong though ;D

A lot of the forestry roads in alberta require you call milage so everyone knows who is on the road, what mile they are at and what kind of vehicle it is.  The roads are usually really bad and barely navigable, so knowing what is coming really saves your bacon.  Nothing worse than coming around a corner sideways because the mud is 2 feet deep, only to see to your horror some bonehead is coming right at you and doesn't have a radio.  (remember the roads are "required" you're not allowed on them without the radio.  They are also private roads, so they are able to make any rule they want)

Unfortunately not too many people seem to use CB around here, but I have not gone looking for 4x4 guys specifically and they are not always on.

Being CB, they are no good for your situation. 😛

There's a group here in BC called BC Coal Rollers, we all roll with CBs 🙂

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