Soullessone21 & RX00 This City Rocks Ultimate Open Boxing Day

Sky High Reviews

Got the gear, Got the cameras, Got the best damn view on Earth.
Also got tons of gear… Did I already say that.

Today is review day, we have RX00 first in video open boxing of the Nexus 5 as well as the iPhone 5c, iPhone5S, Galaxy Rugby LTE and the Galaxy S4.

Also MSI GTX 770 vs PNY GTX 770 cosmetics and first impressions.

Corsair High End Fans as not all fans are born equal.

Incipio Offgrid for S4

Personal fun review of the Gunnar Series Glasses  and how they held up over a year of heavy use.

Stay Tuned its going to be a great ride shooting reviews, open boxings and giveaways. We will also have many new to the scene Reviewers and Gamers. Some Average Joe SC2 Tournaments and even the most embarrassing installation of a screen protector seen yet.


Sounds pretty interesting. I wonder how two cards with same GPU's (GTX 770) from Asus and MSI do, when compared to themselves.

Could be interesting to compare - not only the fans, hehe 🙂 And what is "RX00" anyway? A typo, perhaps? 🙂

Woohoo reviews! Feel free to donate that S4 to me.

But holy shiiiiiet my eyes are burning from this new theme.