Samsung released new SSDs with 3D V-NAND

Still going on the reliable 40nm process (a big thumb up for that), Samsung now come with there intesting SSD lines.

  1. PM953 line, witch is either classic 2.5' SSDs with SATA Express, or M.2 cards with capacitances 480, 960 and 1920GB (M.2 capacity goes to only 480/960GB)

  1. PM1633 line, witch, thanks to the 12Gbit/s SAS interface aims for the professionals (or mad overclockers?). Samsung say they made up to 160k IOPS for random read, 18k IOPS for random write, sequentional reading 1.1 GB/s and write up to 1.0 GB/s. I would say "cool", but that is just me 🙂 Capacity range goes from 480 to 3840GB.

  1. PM1725 line is the best. It comes as either 2.5' SSDs or PCI Express 3.0 cards. Extra large capacty 3200 to 6400GB goes par in par with up to 1 000k IOPS for reading and 120k IOPS for random write. (PCMark 05/Vantage anyone? 🙂 ) Reading speeds are bumped to 5.5GB/s, writing do 1.8GB/s.
    With the 6400GB varians Samsung show longetivity also - 32TB of writting per day for 5 years, witch translate to 5 complete overwrites per day, or about ~58,4PB of written data.

This is impressive at least for combined V-NAND chips. Only we are not informed, of theyare SLC, MLC or TLC… I would hope for MLC, as the Samsung 850 PRO line have... but we see 😉

They most likely are a combination of TLC and MLC. In that some models will use TLC and others will be MLC variants.

Well, the better MLC is found in the "PRO" version of drivers, while the TLC is the value-orientated rest. These ones does not looks like they are going to be value-oriented, therefore I hope for MLC  😉

Iirc the 1725 is Sammys answer to the intel 750…and i expect it to be priced as such....or a touch lower

953 will either be the oem version or the actual consumer replacement for the 850 line. Ie they may drop the 8xx and go 9xx due to radically dif nand. Expect the tlc to be priced a bit lower than the old, and the mlc to be priced lower than the pro. Rumours have it the tlc to take on the mx200 *(34cents or lower) and the mlc to be more in line with the olc nonpro prices...but that may be overly optimistic 😉