For these poor souls, who did not have airconditioning (or computer testing room lack this feature) or their A/C suxx - I have to say that it is kinda sweaty to work in 28°C room temperature and about 35% humidity 😛

But my computers have to be keept cool, so I take radical measures 🙂 Even overclocking requires a "little bit" more cooling recently. Dunno how do you guys do it, but I do it this way:

Yet I feel like that I will be soon cooked alive 😄 Temps are closing to 40°C somewhere ( ) and in shadow, my thermometer showing 35°C outside and they constantly promising storm, but nothing…

35% humidity isn't really all that bad at all. I'd love 28C at 35% humidity. A few days ago we were 23C at 95% humidity, when meant it felt like 30C and very sticky out…

Oh my… 93% humidity must be brutal. I have 34-35% and I was sweating a lot. And still not the promised thunderstorm and rain, yet there was report that 100km north-west from me a thunderstorm happend:

Hopefully soon the temperature will drop. This is hard for me... even it is not as bad, as 23°C and 96% humidity. That must felt like in hell  ::)

Yeah that's nothing, in a fair amount of Canada we'll get 70+% humidity in the summers, making it feel a lot warmer out then it is.

I do miss the dry heat of Colorado, you can stand dry heat at higher temperature a lot longer then slightly lower heat and tons of humidity.

It was 39 degrees a few weeks ago and 70+% humidity, it was terrible.

I agree, it must be bad. Out town Přerov managed to get into the news, as we measured rcord 35.5°C temps:
All the time they warning about storms and droping temps, but nothing is happening at all… 😞

That indeed sucks. Atleast here it wss expected, as every year in August  it happens…but if peeps were not prepared it must well and truly suck.  Hope your weather  breaks and temps go back to normal soon!

In just a day it started raining heawily and temps fall like 17 degrees down. I must dress up for the cold now…! So much for summer. Temp outside is now only 16°C (60.8°F)... so go figure.

Summer end abruptly there. Birds are going crazy and feeding like winter is comming...

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