So you want to see eh?

Hows this?

Or this?

Or maybe something like this?

A little more landscapey?

Into Astronomy?

REALLY into astronomy??

Maybe you're a people watcher?

World traveler?


We all love to pass on a little knowledge here and there.

But above all… we love to GAME!

;D  Nice to see a photography section 🙂

Dude that is amazing first person to ever make a ford look cool 😛 great work 🙂

All of this is really great.


Dude that is amazing first person to ever make a ford look cool 😛 great work 🙂

thats not a ford its a raptor… but on the serious note..those pictures are amazing..

Great pics!!!

So is that grandpa and granddaughter?

Absolutely professional pictures. The depth and colors of the Landscape is just… surreal.

However the girl is too young to game :)))

I just have to settle for my old Nicon Coolpix 4300 🙂

Works reasonably well.

Thanks for the kind words fellas 🙂

@ sswilson.  Are you talking about the pic in the smugmug galleey?  Is actually a good buddy of mine.  Hes a crazy fly fisherman and loves making his own flies.  He was making a hair tie for her there.

Fantastic shots bud love the hdr ones  🙂
I  use a Nikon d50 with several lens  but I suck @ the  hobby lol

Thanks Wolfbane 🙂  But there is no HDR goin on in that set, just the power of good photography 😉

I'll tell you the secret to good photography though, so you can apply it to your own work.  Its simply shooting pictures ;D  The more you do it, the better you get.  Also, equipment will make taking images easier when shooting in difficult situations, but they will net allow you to take "better" images.  Thats all you, and it takes time.  A lot of time.  So its better to just enjoy the process, and forget about taking "good" images.  Those will come with time.