Corsair 800d build.

Day one get the case "check" (thanks forum member Grampa)
Step 1 of new case confirm rad 1 fits "check"
Step 2  find DVD drive for epic Psu relocation mod…. "pending"
Step 3 request new logo stickers and templates from corsair "pending"
Step 4 "pending"

Step 2 found broken DVD drive "Check"

Step 3: Request sent this morning along with request for tons of corsair fans. failing that maybe we will go with Bitfenix fans.

So tonight I did it… I actually did it.

Following tools were broken to make this mod.
1. Cutting wheel (pos cracked on me)
2.3 different dremil bits
3. 2 metal drill bits.

Tools used to succeed at this mod
All above broken tools
1 heavy gage steel cutting scissors
1 power drill with Diamond tip bits
Time lots of time
Desire to mess shit up
Also a optical drive and a power supply

After your psu and optical drive are confirmed compatible take apart the optical drive and size it up some more

Then give the optical drives top a breast reduction… make sure she's really flat. Now draw the hole you need for your psu cut out this can be done using the psu and paper or just download a template online

Cut it all up and fit it on the psu

Then fit it in there and admire your work.
My main psu I am using for this build is far less long them the sample one so tons of room.

And that's how I relocated my psu on a corsair 800d. Tons more work to go what do you guys think thus far?

Tonight I also removed the lower hdd tray as I need room for watercooling.

Love the cleaned up space think I'll try to find a newer rad 🙂 worse comes to worse these rads will work 😄

Also I need fans sponsors and cables… just saying

cool idea for the PSU mounting!!


cool idea for the PSU mounting!!

Thanks, I have wanted to do this mod for some time but could never afford a large enough case. The water cooling in this rig will be great to 🙂

Still have to paint the mount and fit my ax850 power supply in there.

Neat idea. Look forward to seeing the build unfold.


Neat idea. Look forward to seeing the build unfold.

Thanks, finally figured out what color I will go for my coolant… Blue haha

Now I just need to figure out how I want to mount the lower rads
If I want to remove the Corsair front logo and put a round fan mount there
What Fans I will use as I will need 11 120mm and 3 140mm fans
Also if I should go with LED strips or not. might hit up Ikea and get the color changing ones.
Then I need to logo up the window
Paint the motherboard parts that are yellow and change them to either black, gold or Blue
very tempted to buy this for the front of the case
Then I need to order my waterblocks for my GPU and CPU(Might use a old one I have for the cpu)
Also need to get a pump top kit, going to support Dazmode on that one as he is a cool guy. either 2 of these or

Gpu block ordered next week WE BUILD!!!

Nope rhr build but the fallout vault door was too good to pass up haha

More parts showed up today 😄

Going to mod the HG10 to be something a little different 🙂


More parts showed up today 😄

Going to mod the HG10 to be something a little different 🙂

Never seen that before, is it for water cooling?

CPU shows up this week so the build is finally complete hardware wise.

Got some basic ram last night that goes with the system colors

Only 8GB DDR4 2400 to Start but much more soon

Mini M.2 128GB and m.2 AC wifi card

CPU is a Xeon E5-2630L V3 8Core 16Thread Low TDP of 55W
Still putting this rig into the 800D with relocated PSU.

More updates this weekend

Shes coming together nicely

Modded the 780 Ti to work with a normal CPU block and a Corsair HG10, will get a better block and some nicer fittings for it shortly.

She's nude and blurry

All new Clothes the HG10 fits nice and is super easy to install

Another angle

More blurry Cellphone pix

Installed into the rig, The sag bothers me so I will get a backplate either from Dazmode or make one myself shortly

Shes made it a little farther

Leak testing time.

No leaks but the system was not posting or powering. Tore it all apart ( I did dry test a few days before with no issues so I was super confused… Thats till I remembered I installed a M2.0 ssd and wifi card, Don't know which one of the two failed and don't care to know right now for now they are both removed and shes up and running.

tons more to go till its 100% done huge thank you to Yzfraven as I panicked when the temps were jumping through the rough, then I noticed on the flow indicator he gave me that the water was not moving, popped the back and the pump had come unplugged. All fixed now.

Draft one of the build done a ton more work to go on step 2..

Things that still need to be done.
Back plate for the bottom where the power cable will plug in
More fans at the top 3 total and another 140mm at the bottom
Drill holes in the bottom plate so the tubes go straight down.
Reservoir in the middle so you can see the fancy pastel blue coolant
Get fancy pastel blue coolant additive
Paint PSU Tray
Cable Management
More ram and I mean at least 28gb more
Custom side panel Art
Front Art either airbrush or vinyl
Fix the mounting bracket for the pump and reservoir at the bottom
Testing, OCing and gaming
Photos with my Camera's and not just my cell phone haha

That build is the bomb. Ha.