DEAD hardware

Well, it seems I now have a dead router ASUS RT-N16 😞

It won't fire up after trying another powerbar. RIP

Still in warranty? Pm me the serial number Ill contact asus for u 🙂

Let's hope it is in warranty, but if it is not, then you can open it and check, what caps are there used.
I have to recap my router as well, tought this is Neatgear…

Of course best way will be the warranty exchange for a new one.

Sorry to hear that. If I was you, I would try to replace the caps in hope that I can save the router. But that require some skill and knowledge…

If you never do it, then you are probably better off by buying a new router. I could help you and suggest come cap replacements, but I cannot really help you with the soldering and stuff like this:

But usually it helps. Nowadays I could even measure the desoldered caps to check out their specs (eg. if they are dying or not):


You and your cap 😛

I bought a new one. I will open it and see if something looks bad in it hehe

Heh, I like good caps. And I hate bad ones, so… always trying to remove them all from my HW:

About the router - if nothing looks bulging or leaking, the pls write down what capsare used there. It help to quess, what went wrong... and if this is, by any chance, fixable.
How long it lasted anyway?