Favorite Youtuber or Twitch streamer?

Who do you follow on Youtube or Twitch?

I personally like ImmortalHD. He makes funny CSGO videos primarily but pays others games too. I also like MKBHD for all the new tech stuff.

Here is a video sample:

JUAN DEAG | Counter - Strike : Global Offensive (Trolling, Juan Deag, Funny Highlights) – 04:49
— ImmortalHD

I cannot link to a channel without the forum trying to embed a video, so you will have to search for yourself.

AvE / arduinoversusevil (<- Canadian)
loadingreadyrun (<-Canadian)
And Roadkill on the MotorTrend channel.

If you like car stuff, check out MightyCarMods. It's like the youtube version of Top Gear and pretty good!

Top 15
Rob dyke
Any creepypasta
Anything to do with science and conspiracy( not a conspiracy nut just love the crazy stories)
Oh and alternate history hub

This guy has videos with lots of properly vintage hardware. It looks like he was also building a R2-D2.

I forgot to mention LinusTechTips!

Vessel has a lot of streamers on there like Linus, and others. Gaming, science and more


I had to start my own channel and this is a NFSHP ingame sequence.

Was having too much fun streaming last night 🙂

I am horrible at BlackOps so it was nice to get a play of the game 🙂

PS; Now streaming on the RHR channel pretty much every second night.

Can announce on here if people want a hour before streams go live.

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