Soullessone21's Super Store lots added lots more adding tonight.

Welcome to the Soullessone21 Superstore
Sales from this store help keep the site running and sadly we only take EMT/paypal at this time.
I ship expedited canada post/USPS from Airdrie Alberta.
I will not ship without payment

If your interested in RHR Clothing please PM me and I will get you a quote as that really helps the site to get moving.

So Most my main gear is sold but if you want some RHR Merch PM me currently have some mugs and stickers in stock right now 🙂
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Looking for a reference model gtx 780 ti
I have to trade

Check ebay or kijiji?

Tons of gear added today and lots more kicking around

Also have a 1000W HX1000 PSU but not sure what cables I can find for it and a Rockfish 750 Watt modular if you have either psu's cables or you own the same and it died pm me and we can work out a great deal

bumped all prices are obo


2011v3 pending but 1366 added same with 2 gpus


Please send me every mobo, cpu, fan, heatsink, GPU you have.

Do IT!

Pending Removed got super low balled, I mean like 109 year old grandpa low balled.

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