New Build Suggestions

My brother is looking for a new build now that the 1090T rig I built him eons ago is getting long in the tooth. I try my best to not get too much into the specifics of new parts coming out because then I want to buy a new rig. I have a parts list built up right now that I suggested, but I wanna see what you guys would do with a $1500 budget.

  • The purpose of it is gaming, and nothing but.
  • No overclocking.
  • He will be reusing the case (HAF932) and 500GB HDD. I'd like to get an SSD in there for him to throw games on, was thinking around 250GB and maybe M.2 if the motherboard supports it.
  • He wants to buy Win10.
  • He lives in Ontario, so that $1500 price point will need to account for 13% tax.

This is what my part list looks like. Ends up around $1600 though.

Take out the M2 and maybe upgrade to a 980 + SSD?

Swap the psu to something more efficient. Also no need for 750w. Here is a decent deal…modular, gold rated, 650w and cheaper....seasonic oem as well.