Heat conductive glue for adding heatsink to old card?

Old cards, like nVidia Vanta LT 16MB:

…have no holes around GPU, so that any cooler must be glued on them by some heat conductive glue.

Such glues are for example supplied with the Arctic Cooler Mono Plus VGA heatsink. But when I tried to use it today, I find out, that both tubes - altrough never used before - turned internaly into chewing-gum :mad: :mad: :mad:

That is somewhat surprising to pierce a never opened thermal adhesive to find out, that it is completely useless...
"Thermal Adhesive (included)"

So that makes me wonder, what others use and with what experiences. Because I need some replacement... 😉

Yep, me too… witch is why I wanted to try something else. This glue that end up being like a chewing-gun could be better, because when once one need to apply like a peltier + waterblock for some extreme stuff, then I'm stuck with the heatsink.

Anyway, ordered. There is no hope that in reasonable time the Arctic Cooling send me some replacement or something like that, as their product (part of it) is DOA.


The goal is, of course, to beat all the scores for nVidia Vanta LT:
...only Aquamark remain and that is w/o heatsink, lol  ;D (and AQ remain because AQ need HWbot assist in build the scorefile, because HWbot AQ wrapper fail on Vanta miserably)

3M makes a couple adhesives that might fit your needs:


They can be picked up via Amazon and other online retailers…but expect to spend 40 - 50 per tube.

3M™ Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive TC-2707
3M™ Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive TC-2810

Looks good, thanks!

I remember, that I was used Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive Epoxy:
In the past. So I ordered some…

But before it make here, I get one tube that is okay from the Arctic Cooling and used it to glue the heatsink on:

…and the possible overclock increased significantly  😉