C++/C# USB Communication

I was wondering if anyone has been doing some coding recently in Visual Studio (recently upgraded to Enterprise 2015) where they are communicating with a USB device using C++ or C#.

I am asking as the current method and function calls I use are at least 6+ years old using the SerialPort module that has existed for a long time in Visual Studio. Yesterday I came back to a program with the Sega Genesis PC Mod where an Arduino Due interfaces with a now Windows 10 PC. The problem is that every time the PC program receives any data via USB (aka serial communication) it throws an exception and doesn't work. I plan on making a new program from scratch to troubleshoot why this is happening, but in the mean time I was wondering if there are any newer USB functions that exist natively in C# or Visual Studio that could make things easier too.

I haven't done the switch yet! I'm still using Visual Studio 2010 for my programming needs! All our work computers are still xp / windows 7. haha!

IF you checked out my out thread I've been able to get it to work, had to fiddle around with several different things/function calls but it seems to work now.