Why good admins are important

Back in the day our company had a problem, we deploy massive amounts of systems all over north America but we do not have a good method to do so. In steps our new admin over a year ago that is and he deploys sccm with a back end VPN hosting for our company. Now we can deploy thousands of systems a month and they just work.

Then today I have a odd rig to deploy, upgraded raid controller max amount of ram the cpu and board can take and the need to run custom software out of the box.

Plug it in and bam sccm sees it updates it bios and makes it just work. Hours of work in the old days to minutes now.

Thanks you crazy British admin

Good admins make or break a department.


Good admins make or break a department.

Very true. Sadly the admin whom did this great work has moved on to bigger and better but he left us with a system we are able to update and fix:)

Our sysadmin is our IT manager. If something happened to him we would be in deep trouble. Only he knows the internal systems intimately.  When I joined the team I took over network security which has been a blast.