AMD Delays

There is a very interesting article on Toms about AMD and the 14nm or 16nm (if 14nm yields dont significantly increase!) FinFet tech they are planning on using….basically they just taped it out (It was supposed to be taped out quarters ago!)...i.e. the 'yup our design works' stage has just NOW been completed.

This means that they are 12-18mths away from having a new gen ready to hit store shelves.  IF they cut a lot of corners on the testing stage they may be able to do it 9-12mths, but that means lack of testing and a major flaw could get past the abbreviated testing (think Intel Pent F00F bug, AMD Phenom TLB bug, etc etc).

Either way this is not good. This delay means 2016 may be very grim times for AMD's CPU and APU divisions...and IF they release a new gen in 2016 people may want to wait and make sure that it is 100% working before spending money on it.

Hopefully their GPU division will not be impacted by this blunder.,30751.html#xtor=RSS-999

I'm dying for some good lower power apus for custom mini towers and art projects. For me it's more then the fun of the build it also needs to run some games or work great for editing. Amazingly amd apus do this not horribly but the lack of ddr4 support is a killer.

If it's tsmc based issue it could affect amd and nvidia…the article doesn't really say if it's glofo or tsmc causing the issue. It's sad the intel have been the only ones pushing new designs and new manufacturing nodes. CPU and GPU have otherwise been stuck on this node forever.

Forgot to say that I still haven't seen any kind of valid info on what amd plans to produce at each manufacturer yet.