A HUGE thank you to John aka Soullessone21 for being a stand up guy.

I want to thank John for making a childs Christmas this year. A good friend of mine is hosting a donation drive for christmas presents, for a charity she runs for Wilmas Transition, a safe house for abused children and women. A 9 year old boy had asked for a laptop, however my friend thought that was a bit much to ask for and omitted it from his wishlist. I caught wind of this and pinged John to see if he could help out at all, and boy did he ever! Not only will you make this childs Christmas a memorable one and hopefully bring his spirits up, you also made my friends year. She was really depressed about the donation drives turn out, but when I told her the laptop was due to be delivered this week she was in tears. Way to go John!!

More then happy to help 🙂 I know things are very tough this time of the year for more and more people these days. This is the first year I can remember that my wife and I have money for presents for each other so I am happy we were able to donate to others as well.

Merry Christmas buddy (yah even atheists say it :p)

Way to go, that is awesome..