Awesome beer

Where the hell is Braineater when you need him 😛

love the raspberry beer its a awesome beer to go along with a side order of 4 hours of Borderlands. The SOB beer is great to taking the edge off while reviewing.

The Darker beers wildrose makes are 100% made for those late night starcraft nights haha.

Sadly the best wildrose beers are not offered in stores and only at wildrose.

The mixer pack gets a 7 out of 10 all round best is the raspberry for being out of the norm. But the others fail to excite.

Ross at wildrose has some unfiltered beers that are a 10 out of 10 and my all time favorite beer. To bad they never have stock

Whistler Brewing Chestnut Ale! This is SO tasty, a superb beer for winter. Hints of vanilla and nuttssssss….

A local Microbrewery here makes an Irish Stout called "Back hand of God" It is delish, I prefer it to Guiness. You can find it on the west coast.

Will give it a shot squeets when I come to Calgary (if its available there)

Heh, your avatar kinda suggest that you cannot resist and give it a shot 🙂 So maybe you put some evaluating words about it now? 🙂

i've been liking the Shock Top beer this spring and will probably continue into the summer.  i like tasty dark Ale but mostly in the winter months.


i've been liking the Shock Top beer this spring and will probably continue into the summer.  i like tasty dark Ale but mostly in the winter months.

Where do you get it at? Plus better not tell the mad Dr.

Great seeing you at beer night the other night buddy and welcome to the forum 🙂

I quit looking for new beers to try once I found Hops and Robbers IPA.

Kinda depressed been drinking just cheap beer lately as Dayz and mechwarrior online require a large sum of beer to run 😛

What's everyone's go to beer cheap or awesome. .. need me some more lazy mutt that stuff is great.

Wildrose Velvet Fog
Wildrose IPA
Tuatara Pilsner ( New Zealand brewed but can be found here in a 6 pack mix ) - NOT CHEAP.

Big fan of any real IPA or Czech Pilsner, but if I'm binging ( 90% of the time ) it's Kokanee

When it's too damn hot to decide between beer and ice tea


Montreal has quite a few micro-breweries. If anyone ever get's a chance, try any Dieu Du Ciel.

Speaking of micro breweries: kinda for from mtl but it's worth the drive.

Myself I enjoy dark beers like Guinness, but I have been cutting down on beer because gym & beer don't mix well together lol.

…. out of beer and money till payday.... insanity will ensue

Use a credit card and keep yourself sane 🙂

Or just try to forget with hard alcool  ;D


Or just try to forget with hard alcool  ;D

HAHA we have lots of Vodka and Whisky but I prefer to just have a relaxing drink not get hammered haha

My new favorite dark beer

Brother in law picked this up from Co-op
It tastes great but it does taste like ginger ale and not beer haha.

Worth a try for anyone wanting a pop beer combo

Twisted ice tea beer you are a cruel mistress. I drink a case of you and just want more 😞 no buzz no sign of drinking too much just awesome ice tea beer mix haha

Since I was reminded about this subforum existing I might as well post it here too. Ephemere Pomme is a fantastic white ale with an ever so slight tinge of apple. Nothing like a cider in terms of sweetness. Gotta find a store that carries the pear version with the same name.