So who has updated their tablet/phone to marshmallow?

I did on my Sammy Tab S 8.4 Pro and love it. I skipped lollipop (was crap) and went right from kitkat to it. My battery life is 30 percent better and the tablet is more responsive now. Some of that is due to using a vanilla rom vs Sam touchwiz bloat…but 30percent is still significant!

Was fairly easy to do. Just had to use twrp and nuke the internal storage and then install it. 🙂

Just did it last night, went from LeeDroid's 5.0.2 ROM to SkyDragon's 6.0 ROM. I'm missing LeeDroid's tweaks already even though I've barely used the phone. Might try another ROM and see if I can dirty flash it to not have to reinstall everything.

Permissions being opt-in per permission is neat. That's about my whole 6.0 knowledge so far.

Flash xposed and then gravitybox for marshmallow and you'll have the same tweaks 🙂

I seem to enjoy it for the most part running on my Nexus 6P. Not sure what else to say as my mother now has my Nexus 4 that may or may not have the upgrade alert yet. We'll see!