Hello again everyone from the flat lands of SK.

So thinking of getting a 27in LCD Monitor, but not sure.
Should I stick with 1080p or go to 1440.

For brands I like ASUS, ACER.
Acer XG270HU

ASUS PB Series PB278Q

What is everyone thoughts and suggestions.

I actually really like acers gaming monitors 1440p 144hz cannot go wrong there. I own a 120hz 1080p and a 60hz 1440p but I always use the 120hz for gaming it's just so much smoother.

If money is no option something like this would be great to

Dang that is a nice Monitor…

bmijpphz… interesting model number haha

Never notice that till you said it, was looking more at specs and price, then model number.. lol

I am not a fan of 27" @ 1080p unless you sit a bit far from your monitor. I stick to recommending 21-24" for 1080p, and 1440 or more at 27".

Yea that is what I am wondering, how 27in 1080p are at 2 1/2 ft to 3ft  away.
Looking at video's do not help much either.

its going to be a judgement call. If you sit 3' away you may be able to get away with 1080…most people are closer to their monitors on a desk.

I can not see how people can sit closer then 3ft away from a monitor, that would hurt the eyes

found a 32in with 1440 for $660 think that might be to big.. lol