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Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Guest Review)

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Resident Evil Revelations 2Search and Rescue

Author: Shawn Campbell

Introduction: Resident Evil, as a series is one that has been quite the rollercoaster ride. It has its ups and downs and great games have come out of the series including Resident Evil 4 and the first Revelations game. This is a series that I have enjoyed quite a bit, and exploring the mansion in the first game and Racoon city in the second were a lot of fun. The series did quite a shift with Resident Evil 5, which was still a good game but became an action game rather than horror. Resident Evil 6 then came along, tried to merge both ideas of survival horror and action depending on the campaign, and unfortunately ended up being a mess with some good ideas but also many bad ones as well.

Story: The story for Resident Evil Revelations 2 is split into two campaigns and two bonus episodes. For Claire Redfields part of the campaign, the story starts with her and other members of the organization TerraSave being captured and held hostage on an island. Claire awakens and shortly after meets up with Moira Burton daughter of Barry Burton from the first game. Claire and Moira precede to try to find others who are captured; as well as stop the evil woman responsible for the kidnaping and experimentation on the island and finally escape the island. The bracelets they are wearing monitor the virus they have been infected with as well as allow communication with the woman behind the experiments. As the game goes along both work together in order to survive, solve puzzles and learn the dark history of the island and its inhabitants.Barrys story takes place six months after the events of Claires story where he is searching for his lost daughter Moira. During this, he meets a strange little girl named Natalia who can sense undead with a sixth sense, and helps Barry immensely in his search for Moira. During Barrys campaign, a lot of it revolves around retracing Claire and Moiras steps from the first campaign until the fourth episode where it takes a much different path.For the campaigns, I found Claires started off much stronger than Barrys campaign and story wise gets increasingly better on the way to the end. Unfortunately, due to playing Claires first, Barrys campaign is somewhat boring and does not really pick up story wise until the end of the second episode where it finally starts setting the pace for the last two episodes and the conclusion.As for the bonus episodes, The Struggle picks off after the events of Claires campaign prior to Barrys, in order to explain more of the events of the story of Moira and her survival on the island. Overall, the story to this campaign is quite heartfelt and well done. This story was enjoyable and focused on Moiras, personality for being a rebellious young woman and her dislike for her father as she works together with an old man trying to survive. As for the second bonus episode Little Miss, it was all about Natalia and how she came to meet Barry, in between the events of Claires campaign and the start of Barrys and involved her and a dark doppelganger finding her lost teddy bear. While this story did explain a few things, I found it almost useless overall, and could have just been partially explained via one of the villains research notes on the child. The story that was explained here was not worth wasting an entire campaign on and a better bonus episode should have been used to wrap up events of Barrys campaign or Moiras bonus episode.

Controls: The Controls are straightforward and very familiar to any who has played a previous resident evil game. Left stick controls player movement, right stick controls the camera, L3 is to crouch, R3 turns flashlight on and adjusts scope. L2 Readys weapon, R2 is melee attack or fire while aiming a weapon. Directional buttons on D-Pad cycle through sub weapons, while L1 aims a sub weapon. Triangle switches character, square can be used to pick up items and reload. Circle button is to evade and the X button is used to run, examine or perform an action.

Game Play: The gameplay is similar to the first Resident Evil Revelations with the exception of now having a coop partner in both campaigns much like Resident Evil 6. The downside though is one of the characters in each campaign is severely neutered in what they can do, as secondary characters cannot wield guns, although they can use sub weapons and healing items. They also have their own special abilities for example Moira has a flashlight that can stun enemies and uncover hidden items, as well as a crowbar to unlock areas and can be used as a melee weapon. On the other hand, Natalia has a sixth sense that allows her to see undead through walls as well as invisible enemies and enemy weak spots. Natalia can only use bricks found on the ground as a weapon, but can also use smoke bombs for sneaking past enemies undetected. She also has the ability to point at flashing spots on the ground to reveal hidden items and ammo much like Moira and her flashlight. This can make playing coop boring and possibly frustrating for one of the players. Seeing you cannot actively attack enemies outside of melee, which puts you in range for grabs from zombies as well as melee hits and instant kill attacks from monsters.

Outside of the secondary characters, the main protagonists Claire and Barry come across as much better and can equip various weapons, and weapon parts found throughout both campaigns. Weapon part kits are found in crates as well as lying around in some areas for both characters to collect, and are items in a players inventory until you reach a workbench. When you reach a workbench, you can use the weapon parts to upgrade your weapons or just hold on to them at the workbench itself. All weapons you collect that you cannot carry are also automatically moved to a workbench upon pick up. This way you can never worry about leaving a good weapon behind, as you will always have it waiting for you if you need it. Same goes with weapon parts unlocked at a workbench, once obtained will always be there waiting for you in any chapter and difficulty. One very useful note while playing the campaign was all enemies use sight and sound to detect players location and crouching and sneaking up can be used to avoid enemies as well as stealth kills from behind. You can stealth kill an enemy when you get close enough and see the R2 weapon prompt. This is a great way to save ammo and highly recommended on harder difficulties where you want to save as much ammo for boss fights as you can.

As you progress through the game, you can find items such as gems that award BP (Bonus Points) which can be used to gain new abilities and skills. You can also gain BP from clearing various difficulties in the campaign as well as challenges, which include trophies and achievements. Some skills are incredibly useful such as increased weapon damage after switching characters, increased damage while crouching, better evasion and AI players that will attack enemies while you are playing as a secondary character.

As for the bonus episodes they both play slightly different then the main campaign. For Moiras bonus episode, she finally obtains a gun and both characters can use firearms to defend themselves. Moiras campaign also has an interesting mechanic of which the player has to kill wildlife for rations, which are how many retries you have for her campaign before you start over from the beginning. This means if your character was to die and you have no rations left, your save file is deleted and you have to start Moiras episode from the beginning. You are only given two of the four sections to collect rations as the rest is surviving waves of enemies, which get increasingly more challenging. This can be especially challenging in the later part as the second area for collecting rations is stealth based, and if you are detected have to either run to the end of the area or start over using a ration. This campaign I actually enjoyed, as I do not mind time limits and survival challenges, I did find it tough the first time where I did not know some of the enemy patterns and areas.

As for the second bonus episode Little Miss, you are given no weapons, and the only items you can use are smoke bombs. This entire episode is a stealth mission about using both characters to sneak through areas filled with monsters without detection. Although on the plus side one of the characters cannot be detected by monsters and used to target and scout ahead for Natalia, making it so before you go through an area as Natalia you can possibly map out the entire zone for enemy patterns. I found overall this campaign was not fun at all, it was a chore and involved almost no real skill as one could blaze through it based on trial and error. This is all due to the fact the game auto saves quite a bit during this episode and if you are detected and die you just load up your last auto save. A lot of Natalias bonus episode was quite pointless, and its story could have been told another way without wasting players time, completing a tedious and not well thought out campaign. This was the worst of the campaigns in the game with only Barrys, being somewhat as bad at least in the early sections. Overall as a solo experience the campaigns are decent and enjoyable for the most part. I do not recommend playing coop as one player will not be able to do much and there is little fun in this.

Raid mode makes a return from Resident Evil Revelations, and is just as fun and challenging as the original. This is the section of the game that was well designed for coop, and I recommend it if you are interested in playing with a friend. This is a challenging gauntlet where you fight waves of enemies, while exploring areas and finding items and upgrades. When you complete a mission, you unlock medallions that unlock new missions. Each mission has its own clear conditions, that once fulfilled a goal emblem will appear which needs to be destroyed to end the mission. You gain experience and gold based on your performance in raid mode. Gold can be used to buy items via the black phone, the toolbox is used to upgrade weapons and combine custom parts. The jukebox allows for the play of albums as well as unlock special items you find in raid mode. Skills are obtained via leveling your character and can be leveled up using SP, which is gained when you level up. Skills can be equipped via the mannequin and up to four active and six passive skills can be equipped. Skill slots and Weapon slots can be gained by leveling up in raid mode. Weapons and weapon parts also have levels associated with but have to be found or bought, obviously higher weapon levels do more damage but on lower level missions, the max damage is reduced to the level of that mission. As a player progresses in raid mode, weapon parts can eventually be combined to create higher-level versions. All parts have different effects from adding elemental damage to a weapon to increasing its base stats. I thoroughly enjoyed raid mode and found it overall more enjoyable then the campaign, but also best with a friend as later on the difficulty does ramp up quite a bit and if you are under geared a partner can make things much more manageable.

Graphics/Music: The graphics for characters and environments are overall good but the blood splatter effects I noticed seemed a bit dated and could overall be better. Another thing is when moving in and out of bushes there was not much detail or care taken into account and parts of bushes and limbs would stick through or out of characters using them for cover. Outside of this and some slight object clipping and overlapping in certain environments, the game ran quite smoothly without any glitches. The music had a good overall score between the areas and the boss fights but nothing memorable or really stood out, still recognizable for a resident evil game and atmosphere was well down for a more action based survival horror game.

Recommendation: I can recommend Resident Evil Revelations 2 full season to those interested in the story as a solo experience and the raid mode. Seeing it is priced decently at 30$ starting even on sale is a decent price. It may not be the best resident evil to date but for fans it is one still worth a play through.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Resident Evil Revelations 2 falls into a similar situation as Resident Evil 6 did before it. Trying some new ideas with cooperative gameplay in the main campaigns that just does not work, while making an ok story, which is slow going for Barrys campaign in the first two chapters. With an awesome raid mode, Resident Evil Revelations 2 has good as well as bad parts. This game unfortunately is only mediocre if you are interested solely in campaign, but can be considered good if you include all aspects of the game and are interested in the raid mode.

Story: 3/5 StarsGraphics: 3.5/5 StarsGameplay: 2/5 StarsMusic: 3.5/5 StarsOverall: 3/5 Stars

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