Corsair H5

I cannot believe that no one has posted about this but…..this thing is so Damn cool!!!

I really need to get one and try it out in my Air240.


It does look interesting, if you get one let us know.
Wonder how well it  cools cpu..

It looks cool but the top looks a little big for many of the itx rigs I build wish there was more 80mm AIO's oddly enough would be great for my tiny builds

I heard about this around Christmas or so. I think it comes preinstalled in one of the manufacturers itx prebuilds…MSI comes to mind, but I can't remember for sure.

I guess just like anything else you still need to be mindful of what case, but I can say that most of the ITX cases I've dealt with would work on this particular unit easily enough.

I think its a really damn cool design. When I have some $$$ I'm gonna pick one up. Only crappy part is pulling the Rig apart LOL.