Lexar Professional 1800x Micro SDXC

In a effort to cover as many new standards in the way of Camera/Flash Memory GaK_45 Reviews Lexars 1800x and this card maybe smaller then it's bigger brother but damn is it fast.
We honestly were blown away with what this extremely small card had to offer. No matter what the test this card easily held its own against all comers. To be blunt, we never thought a micro-SD card could be this fast. The fact that is so darn fast in both UHS-ii and UHS-I mode is just a bonus.

If only my camera supported UHS-II 😞


If only my camera supported UHS-II 😞

Next gen will. For example the Nikon D500. πŸ˜‰

Of course a better use for this smaller card is in a phone/phablet/tablet next gen…. which should also be landing this year.

Good to know,

I will be due for my free upgrade next year. This would be perfect to put into something like my phone for faster access times. Really nice review,